Health and safety

The health and safety of our employees and those who work with us is a high priority. Focusing on the health and safety of employees is the duty of a responsible employer.

We also understand that it helps to reduce absence, contributes towards productivity, the overall execution excellence of our business processes and cost optimisation.

We approach the reduction of work-related injuries and ill health through risk management, employee training, performance reporting, audit and improvement planning.

Our management, in conjunction with employee health and safety committees and works councils, co-ordinate Occupational Health and Safety issues locally and identify practical means to improve local working conditions.

Significant variations in local work culture, legal standards, skills and norms prevail in the various regions where we operate. We use a mixture of communication, training and distance learning tools to achieve continuous improvement.

We have a three-tiered, on-line OHS training programme that develops individual employees with specific OHS responsibilities from basic introductory level, through intermediate (supervisory management) to advanced level.

The programme uses real-life experiences to help participants assess safe and unsafe behaviour, and to consider whether the risks they have taken were acceptable or potentially placed them and those around them at risk.

Good-quality accident investigation is a key technique to understand the underlying cause of accidents, learn from experience and share this learning across the Group.

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