Our Approach

As a global tobacco company we recognise the importance of manufacturing, marketing and selling our products in a way that is financially, socially and environmentally responsible.

This underpins our growth strategy and is an integral part of how we do business. We believe that this focus and commitment not only helps us to build trust and protect our licence to operate, but also enhances our foundation for long-term sustainable sales growth.

Governments, investors and employees and a wide range of other stakeholders benefit economically through the wealth created by our business. Our supply chain involves tens of thousands of people. It includes tobacco growers and merchants, logistic and transport providers, machinery suppliers, utility and service providers, material suppliers, wholesalers, large commercial and individual retailers and tobacconists.

We recognise the controversial nature of our product and believe it is important to have it produced and handled by a responsible business. We both comply with and exceed current regulatory standards as we apply our own corporate standards, sharing best practice within our wider supply chain and within our business.

We manufacture and sell a range of high quality cigarettes and other tobacco products to meet the demand from millions of adults worldwide. We believe that adults should have the freedom to use and enjoy our products whilst being aware of the associated risks to their health.

It is the role of governments to provide the public with clear and consistent messages about these risks. We do not challenge these messages and support reasonable regulation of tobacco products.

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